Gulps of Goodness
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A day without GOGs cold pressed juice is like a day without sunshine.

Our Juice

Blend of 100% raw and fresh ingredients

About Us

It all began with a mission to make high nutrition an easy option for everyone

Our Menu

Discover the GOG menu of organic fruits and veggies

Cold Presss & HPP

Wondering what is cold pressing and HPP?

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GoGs Juices are 100% healthy

Our Creed
At GOG, our mission is to make high nutrition an easy option for everyone! We live by Our Creed and we pass the love to you in everything we do!

WE BELIEVE in raw health-enhancing juice with heart and soul.
WE BELIEVE that pure, wholesome food is medicine for the body, mind and soul.
WE BELIEVE juices and foods should be clean.
WE BELIEVE in the highest quality ingredients.
WE BELIEVE in freshness and our shelf life is a true reflection of this.
WE BELIEVE a healthy lifestyle can be exhilarating and uplifting.
WE BELIEVE disco music is a cure for anything that ails the soul.

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Why choose us

Choose us and You won't regret it
  • Expertise of Nutritionists
    Expertise of Leading Experts

    We use the expertise of leading nutritionists and F&B experts to blend our juices.

  • No Use of
    No Use of HPP

    We do not use High Pressure Processing as it does not preserve nutrients and freshness of juices is also compromised.

  • Use of Fresh Ingredients
    Use of Fresh Ingredients

    Fresh farm picked whole fruits and veggies are used to prepare the juices

  • All Natural, No Preservatives
    All Natural, No Preservatives

    GOG juices are 100% natural and fresh as no additives, preservatives, conservatives, stabilizers, colors or sugar are added in any form.

  • No Plastic, Only Glass
    No Plastic, Only Glass

    We simply prefer glass bottles over plastic pet bottles as plastics leaches harmful chemicals in the juice and glass keeps our juices, environment and feeling intact.

  • Long Lasting Freshness
    Long Lasting Freshness

    The shelf life of our juices is 72 hours (if refrigerated) as no processing is done in any form.

  • Easy to Absorb Goodness
    Easy to Absorb Goodness

    Our cold pressed juices are rich with easy-to-absorb vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes

  • No
    No Oxidation

    GOG juices are not exposed to air due to which oxidation of raw ingredients is very slow.

"Every juice bottle tasted amazing. There wasn't a single drink that I didn't like. It was enough to keep me going and not feel hungry. It was the perfect reset for my body, and I've already switched from Gulp power plan to Healthy feast plan."
- Jyoti Sharma
" I’ve tried several juice brands and this by far is my favorite. The benefits, the taste, everything about their juice is great. It just seems much more fresh than any other cold pressed juice brands. Thank you."-
- Deepak Gurnani
" My husband and I love having GOGs cold pressed juice for breakfast each morning. It’s refreshing and the best way to start our day."
- Vaishali Jaitley
" This product delivers. I lost more than 5kgs in just 2 weeks by opting for their subscription plans!. The flavor of the juices were all fabulous. I appreciate that they can be consumed in any order. Great cleanse Great work Gulps of Goodness!."
- Anand Paul