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About Us

Our Journey Of Delivering Nature's Nutrients To Your Body.

About Gulps of Goodness

“Goodness in every sip” is what Gulps of Goodness is all about. With a mission to make high nutrition easy option for everyone, the organization was founded promising an instant “health ka vadaa” from this “bhaag-daud wali zindagi”. What we all need is a simple and an effective means that nourishes our body, relieves us from the stress of everyday life, and restore ourselves to a state of wellbeing.

Our focus therefore is on creating and sustaining a balanced healthy lifestyle for you with a bottle of GOG juice filled with all nutrients. We’ve used leading nutritionists and F&B experts to mix and blend the highest quality ingredients and farm-picked fresh fruits thereby creating the right balance between your health and taste. Our health expertise has opted for the use of cold press technology ensuring purity and believing in “kewal” health by adding no preservatives. The shelf life of our juices is truly a reflection of the word ‘fresh’. We withstand on the fact " taaze faloo ka ras" and hence our juices are not processed in any way.

We believe and follow the easy-

A A A cycle

Accessibility- we ensure an effective delivery mechanism that delivers the juices timely at your doorstep

Availability- we are available for you 24x7 delivering the juices as per your convenience

Affordability- our juices are available at reasonable prices without compromising on “swaad” and your “sehat”

“Toh ab milao haath freshness ke sath and be a good GOGster today”


Why choose us

  • Expertise of Leading Experts
    Expertise of Leading Experts

    We use the expertise of leading nutritionists and F&B experts to blend our juices.

  • No Use of
    No Use of HPP

    Unlike other cold press juicers, we do not use High Pressure Processing as it does not preserve nutrients and freshness of juices is also compromised.

  • Use of Fresh Ingredients
    Use of Fresh Ingredients

    Fresh farm picked whole fruits and vegetables are used to prepare the juices

  • All Natural, No Preservatives
    All Natural, No Preservatives

    GOG juices are 100% natural and fresh as no additives, preservatives, conservatives, stabilizers, colors or sugar are added in any form.

  • No Plastic, Only Glass
    No Plastic, Only Glass

    We simple prefer glass bottles over plastic pet bottles as plastics leaches harmful chemicals in juices and glass keeps our juices, environment and feeling intact.

  • Long Lasting Freshness
    Long Lasting Freshness

    The shelf life of our juices is 72 hours (if refrigerated) as no processing is done in any form.

  • Easy to Absorb Goodness
    Easy to Absorb Goodness

    Our cold pressed juices are rich with easy-to-absorb vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes.

  • No
    No Oxidation

    GOG juices are not exposed to air due to which oxidation of raw ingredients is very slow.