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Cold-pressing refers to a popular juice extraction technique that uses hydraulic press for squeezing and extracting the juice from fruit and vegetables. Juices prepared by this method are fresh, nutrient-dense, rich in color and full of flavors.
Cold-pressed juices are way more expensive than the normal ones as they involve a lot of effort in their preparation. Every beverage produced is made from whole and fresh fruits and vegetables, sourced from selected orchards/farmers and prepared in-house by the dedicated every day. We don’t use any pre-processed concentrates, purees or pulps diluted with water, or add any flavours, preservatives, anti-oxidants or acidity regulators. Hence our pure juices cannot be compared with other fruit drinks/beverages which claim to juice and are full of flavors, nutrients, and taste.
Cold Pressing is a fantastic method of juicing that does not apply any heat or friction, thereby preserving all the fragile nutrients, vitamins and enzymes present in the juice. At Gulps of Goodness, we use hydraulic press technology for extracting juices and high quality fresh, organic and raw products to ensure the best possible outcome for your body. Finally, not all juices are the same even if they are cold-pressed. Taste of the juice also matters and this is where we have a clear edge over everyone to provide that best and tastiest juices to our customers. GOGs juices combine health and taste in one great package. Our confidence based on careful consideration of ingredients and the right mix, intensive tasting and meticulous research to develop both health and taste in our juices.
Pasteurization is a process that heats a product to a high temperature to prolong shelf life, which is what you get in all the packed juices. This heat in the normal process used could be up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. This process kills the precious present nutrients and enzymes and changes the natural composition of the juices. By not pasteurizing our juices, you are getting much more valuable nutritional content and live nutrition, vitamins and natural raw enzymes.
Some people use juices to detoxify, while some subscribe to ‘Juicing’ as a diet or as a meal replacement. As long as you do so under medical guidance, the power to you! You know what works best for your body and health. So for whatever purpose you want to drink GOG juices, it’s not only one of the healthiest beverages to consume, but also a reasonable alternative when you’re unable to consume whole fruits and vegetables.
Either way, integrating cold-pressed juices into your daily routine will help to keep you healthy, balanced and energized. We do not advocate replacing food with juice altogether (unless medically suggested or supervised). At GOG, we are lovers of good food and tasty beverages and there is no substitute for a fiber-rich, mind, body & soul-replenishing, fresh, tasty and balanced meal.
All of our juices are vegan, gluten-free, 100% raw, 100% Organic and 100% fresh and free from additives, preservatives, and refined sugar. They are also Vegan as we do not use any milk in any of our juices. However we do use nuts and you must see the ingredients if you are allergic to any fruit, vegetable or other ingredients that we do use in our juices.
At GOG, we do not use any kind of additives, added sugar, concentrates or flavors. All the sugars found in our juices are naturally derived from fresh cold-pressed produce. Our juices contain appropriate levels of sugar derived naturally from the fruits and vegetables used. It is important however to look at the product as a whole, as whole produce contains a large spectrum of complementary nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that provide many benefits to health.
Our juices are alive and fresh. This means that they must be kept refrigerated and we strongly recommend drinking them as soon as you open the bottle. Since our juices are not processed in any way, they can be refrigerated for only 48-72 hrs only as the active enzymes in the juice live upto that time only. We withstand the word “fresh” and our juices are a reflection of this.
A juice detox is a great way to support the body’s natural detoxification systems. Giving your digestive system a rest whilst flooding it with live nutrients and enzymes. Our juice cleanses are 100% natural, raw and full of goodness to help your body eliminate impurities and return to a state of clarity and vibrancy. Since all our juices are full of live enzymes and nutrients, especially ‘Refine’ that act as a ‘hangover shot’ and fight back hangover very easily and gives the feeling of freshness.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that plastics are bad for us. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles add to the mountains of trash the F&B sector generates. They not only infest our landfills but also litter our oceans and harm the earth’s animal and marine life. Most PET bottles contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that is highly toxic to humans and animals alike. Further, even ‘BPA-Free’ plastics are now proven to contain cancer-causing carcinogens. Plastic pollution is a global pandemic and its effects are now being found in our under/over groundwater supply. We also believe that F&B products delivered in PET leech off these carcinogens, and negatively affect not only the products taste and aroma, but also our long term health. Glass has none of these issues, with the added advantage of being recyclable much more commonly, reducing the environmental impact.